Our educational Trust has developed a two year uLearn Naturally (Unifiedknowledge) learning programme of focused full time education to attain beyond Level 9 GCSE mathematical consciousness and competence. Including preparation and entry into nationally accredited GCSE examinations in Maths.  The tuition and learning is creative, integrated and unified; STEAM (STEM + the Arts). 

Children aged from 8 years + can be enrolled.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Overstanding the integration of Classic Ideas, Big Ideas and the AQA Specification
  2. Scheme of Work - Term to Lesson Planning
  3. Number (in AQA)
  4. Algebra (in AQA)
  5. Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change (in AQA)
  6. Geometry and Measures (in AQA)
  7. Probability (in AQA)
  8. Statistics (in AQA)
  9. Assessing Unifiedknowledge Practice Levels
  10. Prepared for AQA assessment (GCSE)
  11. After the Graduation, preparing for the next Level