uLearn Naturally (​Unifiedknowledge) practice treats mathematics as a central and critical subject, it is "the study and application of patterns".

We recognise three classically African fundamental ideas of maths, they are Number (ቁጥር), Measure (ልክ) and Ratio (ክፍል).

First we'll secure basic consciousness and competence with these as part of our primary process of simplification.

Studying contemporary methods of teaching mathematics we further work with 21 additional “Big Ideas” of mathematical thought and practice.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Overstanding the integration of Classic Ideas and Big Ideas
  2. Learning to Learn
  3. Number (ቁጥር)
  4. Measure (ልክ)
  5. Ratio (ክፍል)
  6. Overstanding Big Ideas of Mathematics