Abit's Secret:

Overstanding the Warrior's Province

creative allegory on the profound nature of space and life. 

Meta & Quantum – Physics & Maths for both young and maturing children, families and teachers too.

  • The Story of ABit's Secret - 12 Chapters in Summary, revealing the deeper meanings
  • The Pedagogy (approaches to teaching and learning) - Learning to go Deeper 
  • The Appendix - Using, making and becoming Resources
  • Expressing One's Overstanding of One's Space

For parents and teachers learning how to share the deepest core ideas of maths through creative story will prove to be a life changing experience.  Not to mention you own journey to "Overstanding" space in all its dimensions.  You'll be saying Wow ! too.  This course is well suited to the mature young, especially those who are clearly known as gifted and talented, help them grow beyond the appearance of limits around them.