Fear: a key for transforming it.: 

Fear is the Mind Killer - think, chant and sing your way to emotional freedom. 

( Poetry for Radical Change Book 1 )

This is a very simple yet powerful learning resource designed to support Ones in transforming fear. For many fear can be acutely or chronically debilitating. Acutely meaning intensely and chronically meaning persistent and recurring. It may appear obvious when someone is experiencing fear however it can also be amazingly subtle, even invisible.

Given the significance of the fear factor in life there are now a wealth of books, audio and video resources to help people explore ways to define, manage and remove it. Consider this resource a compliment to the best of that stuff.

In the Unifiedknowledge pedagogy (approach to learning and education) we know fear to be a very important object and subject of study, with the intent of perfecting the way One transforms this emotion (energy motion) in self and community. A poetic utterance has been developed, a positive affirmation that defines and reminds One of the essential way to relate to the feeling and experience of fear. 

In Unifiedknowledge (yeht'mr urwuk'eht) practice we value the unity of the arts and sciences. Thus this tool (learning resource) draws profoundly on this value, the utterance is called Fear is the Mind Killer. #frhat_ebook