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Rhetoric (Sababu) is the art of using language, such as public speaking, for persuasive writing and speech.  Oratory is the ability to convey a successful speech and is a means of performing rhetoric. 

Rhetoric include deliberative, judicial, and epideictic. 

Classic Rhetoric
In classical rhetoric, people were taught a discipline to eloquently express self through ancient traditions.

Oratory divided the three branches of genres in classical rhetoric. Deliberative oratory is considered legislative, judicial oratory translates as forensic, and epideictic oratory is deemed as ceremonial or demonstrative.

Deliberative Rhetoric
Deliberative rhetoric is speech or writing that attempts to persuade an audience to take (or not take) some action. 

Judicial Rhetoric
Judicial rhetoric is speech or writing that considers the justice or injustice of a certain charge or accusation.

Epideictic Rhetoric
Epideictic rhetoric is speech or writing that praises (encomium) or blames (invective).

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